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21 November 2013 г.

Kyrgyz Journalist and IMTAK Participant wins National Journalism Award with Article on UCA

Naryn-based Tenir Too journalist, Klara Esenalieva, was recently awarded first place in the Development Policy Institute’s Movement for Budget Transparency national journalism competition in the Kyrgyz Republic. One of her winning articles, entitled UCA is the Future of Naryn, was published on 26 March 2013 by Tenir Too press. It highlights how the University of Central Asia (UCA) addressed community concerns regarding the construction of its Naryn campus.

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18 November 2013 г.

Embassy of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic to issue biometric Schengen visa to Switzerland

As of Monday 18th of November 2013 the Embassy of Switzerland will join the “Visa Information System” of the Schengen countries and start to issue biometric Schengen visa for Switzerland. Biometric data (fingerprints and biometric photo) will be taken from visa applicants with destination to Switzerland.

The “Visa Information System” aims to simplify the visa procedure, facilitate checks at the external border crossing points of the Schengen zone and ensure the security of the visa holders. The application procedure is getting easier as fingerprints are saved for almost five years and applicants within this period will not need to give fingerprints for a second time.

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06 November 2013 г.

Workshop for Kyrgyz procurement officials

Organised by EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative and WTO GPA Secretariat
Public procurement markets are an often neglected, but important part of international trade, amounting to the equivalent of 10 to 15 per cent of some country’s GDP. Modern procurement is about ensuring efficient and transparent processes and to promote this a workshop was held in Bishkek on 5-6 November.
Organised by the EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative in cooperation with the WTO GPA Secretariat the seminar was specifically tailored to review and discuss new draft procurement legislation by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Finance in the context of potential negotiations about the Kyrgyz Republic’s accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA).

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18 October 2013 г.

University of Central Asia Celebrates 5th Graduation Ceremony in Dushanbe

More than 200 graduates from the University of Central Asia’s Aga Khan Humanities Project (UCA-AKHP) and School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) were awarded certificates at UCA’s 5th Graduation Ceremony at the Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe on 21 September 2013.

“UCA’s programmes in Dushanbe demonstrate the importance of the University having a presence in the capital and our commitment to meeting critical educational needs there. In fact, UCA will be expanding our programmes in Dushanbe in the near future," said UCA Director General Bohdan Krawchenko.

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11 October 2013 г.

Be seen! Be counted! Be visible!

1 unhcrJany-Kyshtak village, Osh Province, 8 October– A crowd of women, men, and children surround legal counsels of a mobile clinic. All of them want to gain information on how to obtain identity documents and access to all of citizen’s entitlements.

Generation without passports

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11 October 2013 г.

IMF Announces Staff-Level Agreement with the Kyrgyz Republic on the Fifth Review of the Extended Credit Facility

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, led by Mr. Christian Beddies, visited Bishkek from September 18 to October 2, 2013 to hold discussions for the fifth review under a three-year Extended Credit Facility (ECF) arrangement (Press Release No. 11/245).

The mission reached staff-level agreement with the Kyrgyz authorities on measures needed for the conclusion of the review. This agreement requires approval by the IMF’s Executive Board, which is expected to consider the Kyrgyz Republic’s request for completion of the fifth review in early December 2013. Upon approval, SDR 9.514 million (about US$15 million) would be made available to the Kyrgyz Republic. This would bring total disbursements under the arrangement to SDR 57.084 million (about US$90 million).

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09 October 2013 г.

UN agencies joined hands to end food insecurity

Food competition at the Harvest Festival 1Press tour to Osh province of Kyrgyzstan within the framework of UN Delivering as One 18 and 20 September 2013

Women represent up to 40% of the population, employed in agricultural sector, in the Kyrgyz Republic, where agricultural production prevails. Their rights to land and access to economic resources are limited. The lack of land lot and migration of their male relatives very often are resulting in limited job, income and opportunities for supporting their families. Due to this fact rural women represent the largest part of rural households with permanently low level of food security and restricted opportunities for improving social and economic status.

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08 October 2013 г.

Political Developments and Education in Afghanistan, 2002-2013: Challenges, Opportunities and Expectations

Public Lecture Announcement
Yahia Baiza, Research Associate, The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS), London, United Kingdom

This lecture will describe an analysis of 11 years of international engagements in Afghanistan, with a particular focus on the reconstruction and redevelopment of education. The key purpose of this presentation is to analyse the achievements, challenges and expectations in the field of education over the past 11 years. From 2002 to 13, the international community has supported the development of a modern and moderate state and the peace building process in Afghanistan.

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02 October 2013 г.

First MicroCredit gets EBRD loan in Kyrgyz som equivalent to US$ 1.5m

EBRD helps increase availability of credit for MSMEs in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially in rural areas
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is supporting small businesses in the KyrgyzRepublic by providing funding to The First MicroCredit Company (FMCC) for the benefit of its MSME customers, especially in rural areas.

A loan in Kyrgyz som equivalent to US$ 1.5 million will be on-lent to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with a focus on Osh and Naryn Oblasts.

This local currency loan will help FMCC’s customers, who receive most of their revenues in som to avoid foreign exchange risk.
FMCC is a well-established MFI, wholly owned by the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance, a part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). FMCC has a strong presence in the Southern Osh and Naryn regions, which account for a third of the total population of the KyrgyzRepublic.

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27 September 2013 г.

University of Central Asia’s Naryn Campus Phase 1 Construction Begins

Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic, 27 September 2013 – The University of Central Asia (UCA) will announce the official start of Phase I of its Naryn main campus construction on 27 September 2013. Held at UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education Town Campus in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic, the event will be attended by local government, UCA representatives, and contractors , as well as local and regional media.

During the press briefing, UCA Director General Dr Bohdan Krawchenkowill provide an overview of the University’s academic programmes, campus plans and expectations for student life and take participants to view an exhibition of the campus design and architecture.

“In three years, the main campus site will house our academic and residential facilities and the campus will be a hub of intellectual activity. Our first cohort of students will make history as UCA’s class of 2021,”commentsDr Krawchenko.

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