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Darika Aldasheva wins EBRD social media competition in Kyrgyz Republic

Published: 20 November 2020 г.

Following successful completion of Know How Academy for small businesses. Darika Aldasheva, managing director of the Noosphere PR Agency, is the winner in the Kyrgyz Republic of a social media competition organised by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in support of the Know How Academy for small businesses.

The programme features five key business-essential modules, specifically tailored to help small and micro-sized enterprises build their skills and business resilience. Each module is available in English, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian and Turkish, takes only 30 minutes to complete and is free of charge.

The programme includes interactive training, experience sharing, information on local sources of financial assistance and additional resources. Upon successful completion of the course participants receive a certificate.

Ms Aldasheva said about the programme: “A stronger, more resilient business stands a much better chance of surviving a crisis and emerging from a crisis sooner and in better health. Strong leadership, effective resource and stakeholder management and comprehensive crisis planning all work together to strengthen business resilience. I have just passed the EBRD Know How Academy and recommend you to complete the modules. Whatever size your business is – micro, small, medium or large – the Know How Academy’s tools will help you strengthen your business’ resilience.”

Noosphere is a leading PR company in the Kyrgyz Republic with experience in business promotion and public relations. Social media marketing is one of the key activities. In addition, the agency specializes in internet promotion, preparation of information materials, media planning, organisation of PR activities and PR consulting.

As a winner in the competition, Ms Aldasheva won one of five free remote training courses worth €1400 run by EBRD partners Crown Agents.

The Know How Academy has been created by the EBRD and is funded by the European Union (including through its European Investment Advisory Hub), Kazakhstan and the EBRD’s Small Business Impact Fund (Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, US, Taipei China).