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Swiss project helps 45’000 patients with diabetes and high blood pressure to have a healthier life

Published: 30 November 2021 г.

The Swiss health project on effective management and prevention of noncommunicable diseases has implemented Patient Education Classes for diabetes and high blood pressure patients in the northern oblasts of Kyrgyzstan.

Diabetes and high blood pressure may lead to serious health harms when not treated and properly controlled by health care professionals and patients themselves. Jointly with the Ministry of Health, the Swiss project has prepared almost 700 family nurse trainers in health organizations in Chui, Naryn, Talas and Issyk-Kul to treat up to 45.000 registered patients.

The family nurses have taken over an important role in the education of patients helping them to have a healthier life. For now, 40% of all registered patients with type 2 diabetes and 35% of registered patients with hypertension in Naryn, Chui, Talas and Issyk-Kul oblasts are attending the Patient Education Classes. The patients will learn to better manage their diseases by receiving information on ways to cope with it, how to self-manage and avoid complications. In addition, the Swiss project helped to develop a mobile application for medical staff and patients.

The classes offered in local health facilities have been developed by the Association of Family Group Practitioners, Association of Cardiologists, Association of Endocrinologists, and approved by the Ministry of Health.

The Project “Effective Management and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases in Kyrgyzstan” is financed by the Government of Switzerland to improve the health and wellbeing of the Kyrgyz population in the rural areas of Chui, Talas, Naryn, and Issyk-Kul regions of Kyrgyzstan.